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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More from my day off...

Blue Tailed Damselfly-Male

Large Red Damselflies coupled.
This photo was taken at Clodhall Pond which is at the side of the road between Baslow and Owler Bar. I went to look for Golden Ringed Dragonflies but didnt see any, the weather was poor. I was sat on my backside leaning over the pond trying not to fall in or sit in a pile of dung.

Shortly afterwards they separated. The female is above and the male below.

Think this one is a Common Blue Damselfly. Struggling to ID it from this angle with my limited knowledge.

Again not sure what ths is. I thought it was a 6 spot Burnet moth when i first spotted it but im having second thoughts. Need to look it up.

This one above is a female blue tailed damselfy showing a different coloured thorax. From my book this looks like a rufescens form of the female less than 8 days old. After 8 days the colour will change.

This is also a female Blue Tailed Damselfly but is the violacea form.


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