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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Grey Wagtails

I took this photo of a nest of Grey Wagtails at the factory where I work. The factory is in a semi rural area surrounded by a river on 3 sides and a canal on the 4th side. The habitat outside the factory is really good for wildlife in the wide flood plain of the river. The parents have made this nest on top of a low wall about 3 feet of the ground in a loading area for some really nasty chemicals. Its one of the grimmest areas on the whole of the factory site where people are working all the time and tankers are loaded and unloaded several times a day. The chicks are doing really well and should be off soon. This is the second brood this year in this nest.


  • What a great story. Super blog! You live in a wonderful area for wildlife and take fantastic photos. Could you tell me what a "scrape" is?

    By Blogger Pam in Tucson, at Sat Jul 22, 04:55:00 AM 2006  

  • Hi Pam
    thanks for comments. I never expected visitors from thousands of miles away. My local drinking water reservoir is Ogston Reservoir, i am a member of the bird club there. The Reservoir is owned by one of the UKs major water supply companies and they weork closely with the bird club to manage the wildlife habitat. Last year the club had a plan approved by the water company to improve an area of habitat on the bank of the water. A large earth moving machne was used to "scrape" earth away to leave a series of shallow pools or scrapes on the bank side. The scrapes fill with water and provide good feeding habitat for wading birds. The idea is to attract passing waders and other birds that like to feed in and around shallow pools of water. Earth bunds and drainage pipes are used to manage the water levels.

    Its a very simple way of providing excellent habitat and makes for some good birding.

    By Blogger Andy, at Sat Jul 22, 06:27:00 AM 2006  

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